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Situation géographique de nos montagnes enneigées et sommets
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Spectaculaire périple entre les sommets enneigés qui permettent de contempler les montagnes du secteur nord du Parc Nacional Huascarán, où vous trouverez d'énormes glaciers, lacs aux couleurs magnifiques, une riche variété de la flore et de la faune andine, tout cela dans la cordillère tropicale la plus haute du monde.
Venez et profitez de ce magnifique spectacle, unique au monde.

Cedros - Ulta 12 jours

Durée: 12 Jous
Mois: Avril - Novembre
Difficulté: Moderate
Accès: Cashapampa
Sortie: Quebrada Ulta (retorno a Huaraz)
Altitude Minium: 2900m (Cashapampa)
Altitude Maximum: 4767m (Portachuelo)

Jour 1 Huaraz - Cashapampa – Hualcayan
Jour 2 Hualcayan – Huishcash
Jour 3 Huishcash - Paso gallo Huacanan - Paso Jatun vientona - Ruina pampa
Jour 4 Ruina pampa - Jancarurish
Jour 5 Jancarurish – Paso Q'ara Q'ara – Huillcapampa
Jour 6 Huillcapampa - Paso Pucajirca – Jancapampa
Jour 7 Jancapampa – Paso Tupa tupa - Laguna Huecroncocha
Jour 8 Dia de descanzo Huecroncocha
Jour 9 Huecroncocha – Alto of Pucaraju - Cachina pampa
Jour 10 Cachina pampa – Colcabamba – Mirador
Jour 11 Mirador – Avalancha – Paso of Yana yacu – Laguna Yana yacu
Jour 12 Laguna Yana yacu – Ulta – Huaraz


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Chavín de Huántar archaeological site
Geographic Location

Chavín is located at the beginning of a narrow valley formed by the Pukcha or Mosna River, which originates from the melt water of the Cordillera Blanca and runs down to the Marañón River, one of the tributaries of the Amazon.

It lies in the heart of the Andes at 3180 meters above sea level, forming part of the so-called Callejón de Conchucos that runs from south to north. Two mountain ranges, the Cordilleras Blanca and Negra, separate Chavín from the ocean and two other chains separate it from the Amazon jungle. The central one rises between the Marañón and Huallaga drainages and the eastern one separates the waters of the Huallaga and Ucayali rivers. This geographic situation creates a series of difficulties for communication among resident human populations, whose relative proximity is mediated by the altitude and the irregularity of the terrain.

This is the birthplace of early civilization. A visitor leaving Chavín de Huántar may feel a complex sensation that is a mixture of emotion, stupor and magic, not only for having come in contact with one of the most powerful and sensitive archaeological centers, but also because Chavín is capable of transmitting a unique vision of our identity, history and strengths.

As great and imposing as Machu Picchu, Chavín de Huántar is an archaeological complex built by the Chavín culture more than three thousand years ago. Declared to be a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1985, the monument is composed of impressive stone constructions with enigmatic interior galleries. Its stone carvings consist of tenoned heads, incised stone slabs and hydraulic canals. The enigmatic Lanzón shows fine technique, a heightened aesthetic sense and, above all, a refined sense of cult and spirituality.

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